Alternative Fuels and Energy Technology

In pursuit of improving the country’s energy security as well as to contribute in mitigating the adverse environmental effect of energy utilization, the government is continuously implementing programs that promote the utilization of alternative fuels and new and advance energy technologies to effectively diversify and manage the country’s utilization of energy resources.   Key initiatives under the said programs include the implementation of the Locally Funded Project – “Alternative Fuels for Transportation and Other Purposes” which aims to introduce alternative fuel vehicles and promote emerging and advance energy technologies. These initiatives aims to reduce the country’s dependence on imported oil by providing energy consumers with alternative and advance energy technologies and more environment-friendly fuel options aside from conventional fuels, such as, gasoline and diesel.

The figure below shows the Alternative Fuels and Energy Technology (AFET) Road Map indicating the Department's overall long-term plans and strategies to attain the efficient management of energy resources through fuel diversification and adoption of new and advance energy technologies

The Roadmap envision the successful adoption and commercialization of alternative fuels and energy technologies through strong and collaborative partnership with the private sector and full government support in providing enabling mechanism and building-up local capacity for research and development  in emerging energy technologies.