Asia Cooperation Dialogue Conference 2017

Administrative Note

ACD Conference Towards Energy Security, Sustainability and Resiliency

The Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) is a grouping of Asian countries established in June 2002 to promote interdependence among Asian members in all areas of cooperation, one of which is on energy. Other objectives of ACD include being able to expand the trade and financial market within Asia, and ultimately transform the Asian continent into ONE ASIAN COMMUNITY.

Evolving global developments put greater emphasis on energy and environment as key areas of cooperation that will consolidate and expand efforts to ensure secure, affordable and cleaner energy supplies in the region. During the 2nd ACD Summit held in Bangkok on 09-10 August 2016, the ACD Member States agreed to strengthen the framework of cooperation by streamlining and aligning goals and objectives of ACD in support of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  The agreed six (6) pillars of cooperation are as follows:

  • Interrelation of Food, Water and Energy Security
  • Connectivity
  • Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Education and Human Resource Development
  • Culture and Tourism
  • Promoting Approaches to Inclusive and Sustainable Development

This development was further discussed during the 15th ACD Ministerial Meeting on 16-17 January 2017 which also served as a venue for consultations with the Prime and Co-Prime Movers of the Pillar on Food, Water and Energy Security.  The meeting also made way for the updating of the ACD Energy Action Plan, as well as finalization of the Abu Dhabi Declaration.

In support of this pillar and as input to the updated ACD Energy Action Plan, the Philippines will conduct the ACD Conference Towards Energy Security, Sustainability and Resiliency in Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines in August 2017.  The Conference aims to gather energy policy makers in the region to discuss latest developments in their respective countries based on the proposed Thematic Sessions.  The Conference is designed to bring expert speakers from International Organizations setting the tone for discussions to be followed by Discussant Countries to provide updates in their respective countries.  Further, the Conference aims to encourage discussions in identifying new cooperation initiatives that may be implemented in the ACD region.

Specifically, the Conference aims to promote information exchange and sharing of best practices on energy policies, plans and programs among ACD Member States, as well as drive investments in the following priority areas:  1) Renewable Energy and Clean Energy; 2) Natural Gas as Transition Fuel; 3) Low Carbon Future Thru Clean Energy Technologies; 4) Emerging Role of Nuclear Energy, and 5) Energy Connectivity and Market Integration. And to protect energy systems against the effects of the changing weather patterns and extreme climate changes, the Conference will share emerging information and experiences on building energy sector resilience as a new area of interest especially among countries at the highest risk.


ACD Conference Towards Energy Security, Sustainability and Resiliency
Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines
07-10 August 2017

  1. General Information on Meeting Venue/s and Notional Schedule

    Information and Tourism Desks shall be operating at the meeting venue.

    Date General Schedule
    5 and 6 August 2017,
    Saturday and Sunday
    Arrival of delegates
    7 - 8 August 2017,
    Monday - Tuesday
    0900H to 1700H
    Registration/ACD Conference
    9 August 2017,
    0800H to 1700H
    ACD Energy Working Group Meeting (AM)
    1st East Asia Energy Forum* (PM)
    10 August 2017,
    Cultural Tour
    11 August 2017,
    Departure of delegates
    *A non-ACD event hosted by the Energy Research Institute Network (ERIN) under the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA).

    The ACD Conference Towards Energy Security, Sustainability and Resiliency will be held at:

    Be Grand Hotel
    Barangay Danao, Panglao Island, Bohol
    6349 Panglao, Philippines
    Tel: + 63-384-12-9000
    Mobile: +63-998-5572-406 (c/o Ms. Hazel Abayon)

    Host Courtesies:

    The Resource Speakers’ hotel accommodation and economy round trip air fare will be borne by the Host Agency.

    Other participants/delegates will shoulder their own accommodation/plane fare and other expenses in accordance with ACD tradition and practice.

  2. Registration
    • Online Registration

      Should you still wish to register, please contact Mr. Michael S. Leabres at

    • Late Registration

      After the online registration portal closes on 01 August 2017, all other participants will be required to register on-site at the Registration Desk located at Be Grand Hotel.

  3. Airport Facilities and Services

    The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is the recommended port of entry for the meeting period.

    NAIA is the main international airport of the Philippines, servicing Metro Manila and its neighboring cities. There are four (4) terminals at the airport:

    • Terminal 1 (NAIA Terminal) – international flights, non-Philippine Airlines flights
    • Terminal 2 (Centennial Terminal) – international and most domestic flights of Philippine Airlines
    • Terminal 3 (NAIA International Terminal) – international and domestic flights
    • Terminal 4 (Domestic Terminal) – domestic flights (See attached schedules)

    For departures, there is an Airport Terminal Fee of PhP 550 (for international passengers) or PhP 200 (for domestic passengers). This fee is usually included in the price of the airline ticket. Please refer to page 9 on currency information.

    Enumerated in Annex A are the available Philippine Airline Express and Cebu Pacific flights from NAIA to Tagbilaran Airport on August 5 and 6, as well as from Tagbilaran Airport to NAIA on August 10 and 11.

    Alternatively, the delegates/participants may opt to take the direct flight to Tagbilaran (TAG) Airport as port of entry from Incheon International Airport (ICN) in South Korea. Likewise, there is a direct flight returning from Tagbilaran Airport to Incheon International Airport. Indicated on the table below are the available flights from the said routes.

    Date Airline Destination Flight Number Departure Arrival
    05 August Philippine Airlines Express ICN-TAG PR1483 2:30 6:00
    06 August Philippine Airlines Express ICN-TAG PR1483 2:30 6:00
    10 August Philippine Airlines Express TAG-ICN PR1482 17:05 22:05
    11 August Philippine Airlines Express TAG-ICN PR1482 17:05 22:05

    The Tagbilaran Airport has an ACD Information and Tourism Desk right after the Customs Control Counter. Delegates are advised to proceed to the ACD Information Desk, where they shall be given identifier stickers, luggage tags, and additional assistance.

    In addition, there shall be an ACD Lane in the Tagbilaran Airport for all ACD delegates for immigration and customs in order to expedite the respective processes.

    All foreign passport holders entering the Republic of the Philippines shall undergo customs control. Customs Declaration forms are required to be filled in by visitors who carry legal tender Philippine notes and coins or checks, money order, and other bills of exchange drawn in Philippine Pesos against banks operating in the Philippines in excess of PhP 50,000, or its equivalent in foreign currency.

  4. Security, Emergency Response, and Medical Services

    The Philippine Government shall provide airport, transport, route, venue and conference security elements within the duration of the meetings from the dates of arrival to the dates of departure.

    All necessary security measures shall be undertaken to ensure the security of all participants.  In order to provide adequate security at official events, security screening shall be conducted at all official venues of the Meeting and Special Events. Screening methods may include the visual and electronic verification of access passes and electronic or physical searching of bags and other belongings.

    Emergency response personnel and facilities shall be on standby 24/7 to ensure the safety and proper assistance and evacuation of all delegates and participants in case of any emergency.

    A medical helpdesk will be made available at the Hotel. Medical personnel, medical aid, and first aid vehicles shall be provided for the accredited participants of events held during the Meeting at the conference venue.  Basic first--aid medical services shall be provided on-site at no cost to registered meeting participants who require medical attention. However, charges for medicines and any subsequent treatment provided by hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, ambulances, or other medical providers must be paid directly by the delegate to the service providers. It is highly recommended that delegates obtain health insurance prior to their travel to the Philippines.

    Details of hospital locations and operation hours shall be available at the ACD Information Desk.

  5. Accommodations
    • Designated Hotels in Bohol

      The following hotels have been designated for the ACD Conference:

      Hotel Contact Person and Contact Details
      Be Grand Hotel
      Barangay Danao, Panglao Island, Bohol
      6349 Panglao, Philippines
      Tel: + 63-384-12-9000
      Ms. Princess M. Loberiza
      Mobile: +63-995-6349-335
      Henann Resort Alona Beach
      Alona Beach, Tawala, Panglao Island, Bohol,
      Resort: +63-38-502-9141 to 44
      Manila Office: +63-2-230-3000 to 03
      Iloilo Office: +63-33-337-7901
      Mr. William G. Quinto
      Tel: +632 840 2213
      Fax: +632 840 2213
      Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa
      Barangay Tawala, Panglao Island, Bohol,
      Tel: +632 654 – 6480; +632 656 – 4205
      Fax: +632 576 – 3051

      Delegates shall be provided transportation between meeting venues and accredited hotels. Delegates who prefer to stay in hotels other than those accredited shall arrange their own transportation between the hotel and the meeting venue.

    • Reservation Procedures

      Delegates should book reservations directly with the hotel of their choice. If the delegates opt to reserve at Be Grand Hotel, they shall identify themselves as ACD delegates to avail of the special rate. Hotels have been requested to ensure available rooms for the delegates’ convenience. However, delegates are strongly advised to book as they register for the Conference. Bookings are made on a first come first served basis.

      Below are the rates for ACD accredited hotels in Tagbilaran (1 USD = approx. PHP 50.30):

      Hotel Rate
      Be Grand Hotel PhP 6,000.00 per night
      Henann Resort Alona Beach PhP 8,710.00 per night
      Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa PhP 16,968.00 per night
      *All rates are inclusive of complimentary breakfast, free internet access, and all applicable taxes.

      Delegates are responsible for all room costs, upgrades, and other personal charges. Delegations wanting to arrange for suites or reserve meeting or function space at their hotel should contact the hotel directly.

      Delegates are also encouraged to confirm all hotel policies; in particular, check-in and check-out times and penalties for smoking in non-smoking guest rooms.

      Any inquiries regarding accommodations may be addressed to:

      Contact Persons Contact Details
      Mr. Michael S. Leabres Tel: +632 840 1780
      Fax: +632 840 1780
      Mr. Dwane Driz Cayonte Tel: +632 840 1780
      Fax: +632 840 1780
  6. Transportation
    • Shuttle Service: Airport to Meeting Venue Hotel; Meeting Venue Hotel to Airport

      Shuttle service shall be provided to delegations on the date of arrival (airport-meeting venue hotel) and the date of departure (meeting venue hotel-airport). Please make sure to provide your flight details in your online registration.

    • Special Transportation Requirements (TBC)

      Meeting participants who are in need of PWD-accessible transportation and assistance should notify the DOE ACD Secretariat. Please send details of their requirements to:

      Contact Persons Contact Details
      Mr. Antonio E. Labios Tel: +63 (032)-253-21-50
      Fax: +63 (032)-253-72-22
      Mr. Arnel C. Antonio Tel: +632 840-16-37
      Fax: +632 840-16-37

      Additional information regarding transportation shall be available at the ACD Transportation desks in all accredited hotel/s.

  7. Visa Requirements

    Information on the entry of temporary visitors to the Philippines is available at the following link:

  8. Secretariat
    Arrangement Contact Persons
    Substantive Matters Name: Mr. Jesus T. Tamang
    Tel: +632 840 2288
    Fax: +632 840 2288

    Name: Ms. Carmencita A. Bariso
    Tel: +632 840 2250
    Fax: +632 840 2288

    Documentation Name:Mr. William G. Quinto
    Tel: +632 840 2213
    Fax: +632 840 2213

    Name: Ms. Rowena T. Villanueva
    Tel: +632 840 1780
    Fax: +632 840 1780

    Name: Mr. Michael S. Leabres
    Tel: +632 840 1780
    Fax: +632 840 1780

    All documents intended for circulation such as the PPT presentation materials of resource speakers during the meetings should be submitted to the Secretariat at and on or before 15 July 2017 indicating the title and agenda items for distribution.  Each delegation will be provided with one (1) hard copy of the meeting documents.

  9. Access to Meeting Venues
    • Issuance and Use of Identification (ID) Badges

      Identification (ID) badges shall be issued to all other accompanying delegates and supporting staff including security officers and interpreters. These must be worn at all times during meetings and functions. Passes are only valid for the duration of the meetings.

      These procedures are intended to expedite access for authorized delegates to the restricted areas and to ensure adequate and comfortable seating for all. All other delegates without the appropriate badges shall not be allowed to the meeting venues.

    • Pick-up of ID Badges

      ID Badges shall be available for pick-up at the ACD Registration Desk at the Be Grand Hotel on 06 August 2017 onwards from 0800H to 1800H. In order to collect ID badges, delegates must present a copy of the confirmation slip and a government-issued photo identification in English, such as a valid passport or diplomatic ID during pick-up.

    • Loss of ID Badges

      Delegates who have misplaced their ID badge must report the loss promptly to the Conference Secretariat. Once the identity of the delegate is verified, reissuance of their ID badge or overpass shall be made. Once the concerned delegate's ID badge has been replaced, the previous ID badge and overpass shall no longer be valid.

  10. Dress Code

    The recommended attire for the duration of the Conference shall be Business Attire, and Smart Casual for evening or after-Conference events.

  11. General Information
    • Time Zone

      The Philippine Standard Time is 8 hours ahead of GMT (+8 GMT). DST is not adopted in the Philippines.

    • Weather

      The daily mean temperature for Manila at this time of year is approximately 30°C - 33°C. Light clothing is advisable as the climate is generally warm and humid.

    • Electricity and Water Supply

      The power supply in the Philippines is 220-240 volts, 60 hertz. Outlets are mainly made for two-flat-pronged plugs (Image 1). Please check the voltage requirements of your appliance before using the wall socket.

      Image 1: Two-Flat-Pronged Plug

      The tap water is not always potable. Thus, the participants may wish to consume bottled water, which can be purchased at the hotels or any nearby convenience and grocery stores.

    • Smoking Areas

      Bohol implements Designated Smoking Places policy. This imposes stiff penalties and other sanctions in violation of this ordinance. However, designated smoking areas in public places and selected establishments are also provided.

    • Currency

      The official currency of the Philippines is the Philippine Peso (PhP). Retailers in the Philippines will in general not accept other currencies, so it is necessary for visitors to change foreign currency into Philippine Pesos to make cash payments. Delegates may wish to change their currencies at the airport after clearing immigrations and customs. The exchange rate is USD 1 = PhP 50.30 as of June 2017.

      Major international credit cards are widely accepted. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are found throughout the city.

    • Places of Interest

      For further information, please visit the Philippines’ Official Tourism Website at