Compendium of Energy Regulation Laws, Rules and Regulation and other Issuances

This material is a product of hard work involving enormous amount of research on the laws and other issuances affecting the regulation of the energy sector.


Compedium of Energy Laws

Initially, the compendium is composed of three volumes.  Volume I contains laws and other issuances prior to the restructuring of the Philippine electric power industry.  This volume also includes laws pertaining to the oil industry, which are relevant to the regulation of the national gas industry.  Volumes 2 and 3 comprise the laws, rules and regulations, guidelines and other issuances pertinent to the restructuring of the electric industry.

The Commission is expected to come up with another volume in the near future in anticipation of several rules and regulations, and guidelines that are yet to be promulgated by ERC pursuant to Republic Act No. 9136.

The Compendium will serve as a helpful material to the government entities under the energy family, the electric utility investors, the electric cooperatives, the legal practitioners and researchers, and the general public.

We trust that all industry stakeholders support this undertaking of the Commission.