2010 GAD Focal Point and TWG Members

            Pursuant to Department Order No. 2010-01-0001, the following are hereby designated as members of the DOE Gender and Development (GAD) Focal Point including its Technical Working Group (TWG) and Secretariat :

Chairperson :

Usec. Loreta G. Ayson

Vice-Chair :

Dir. Jesus T. Tamang (EPPB)

Members :

OIC Asec. Mario C Marasigan (REMB)
Dir. Evelyn N. Reyes (EUMB)
OIC-Dir. Alice N. Reyes (ERDB)
Dir. Mylene C. Capongcol (EPIMB)
Dir. Zenaida Y. Monsada (OIMB)
OIC-Dir. Arthus T. Tenazas (LS)
Dir. Raquel S. Huliganga (ERTLS)
Dir. Herminio A. Ariola (ITMS)
OIC-Dir. Angelina V. Manga (AS)
OIC-Dir. Nora A. Tuazon (FS)
OIC-Dir. Efren L. Balaoing (LFO)
Dir. Antonio E. Labios (VFO)
Dir. Manuel L. Llaneza (MFO)

Technical Working Group (TWG) – representing bureaus, services and offices :

Head :

Asst. Dir. Carmencita A.Bariso (EPPB)

Assistant Head:

Helen B. Arias (EO)

Members :

Milagros R. Pichay (as) Araceli A.S. Soluta / Gloria M. Guiao (FS)
Amelia M. De Guzman (ERTLS)
Jesus C. Anunciacion (EUMB)
Fortunat S. Sibayan (REMB)
Ma. Victoria B. Capito / Editha T. Ramos (PFRD/ EPPB)
Romeo S. Anano (ITMS)
Rodela I. Romero (OIMB)
Eduardo B. Fernandez (EPIMB)
Ismael U. Ocampo (ERDB)
ATTY. Emmanuel C. Danar (LS)
William G. Quinto (PRC)
Salvador M. Salire, JR. (EA)

Secretariat :

Rosalina T. Rapi (AS)
Salve P. Orcine (AS) 
Aurora G. Dionisio (AS) 
Representative/s from ITMS


  1. Conduct regular review of the Department’s mandates, policies, thrusts, key result areas, budgets, programs and projects to ensure that they are gender-responsive;

  2. Formulate gender-responsive policies and develop implementing guidelines therefore;

  3. Facilitate the conduct of gender-sensitivity training and capability-building program for top officials and other concerned personnel of the DOE and adopt a continuing capability building program;

  4. Develop a monitoring and evaluation scheme to keep track of GAD mainstreaming efforts within the DOE;

  5. Ensure proper representation in Project Review Committee of the Department ;

  6. Hold regular meetings/ dialogues on GAD concerns with the Secretary and represent the DOE in GAD related activities (i.e., meetings, consultations, workshops, conferences, for a, etc.); and,

  7. Submit regular reports to the Department Secretary and other appropriate agencies.


Provide the necessary technical assistance to the GAD Focal Point;

Attend meetings, consultations, briefings, etc. of GAD Focal Point, NCRFW, and other concerned agencies;

Conduct researches/ studies/ surveys on gender issues/ concerns relating to energy programs and activities;

Prepare the necessary evaluations/ assessments, reports, recommendations on the DOE’s gender and development projects and programs (GAD-PAPs) and activities; and

Undertake other assignments that the GAD-Focal Point may assign from time to time.


  1. Provide administrative and logistical support to the GAD Focal Point;

  2. Attend meetings, consultations, briefings, etc. of GAD Focal Point, NCRFW, and concerned agencies;

  3. Prepare Minutes of the GAD Focal Point meetings;

  4. Take custody of GAD documents, programs, surveys, results, reports, etc.;

  5. Monitor/ submit reports on GAD-PAPs;

  6. Be the central channel of communications for the GAD Focal Point, NCRFW, DBM, House of Representatives, and other concerned government agencies; and,

  7. Perform other related tasks as may be necessary.